Punch Powertrain France

At the start of 2018, the French company Apojee was taken over by Punch Powertrain. This Punch site serves as a technology development center active in Power Electronics with customers in the German and French automotive sectors (both OEMs and Tier 1s) and in motor sports (converters for Formula E and Formula 1). With a workforce of 60 people, the Clermont-Ferrand site is a company on a human scale but offers its employees the advantages of a large group. The majority of the workforce is young and consists mainly of engineers and technicians specialized in Power Electronics. Located in the heart of Brézet business park, Punch Powertrain Clermont-Ferrand offers a young and dynamic work environment.

Cutting Edge Technology

Clermont Ferrand is the development center for Power Electronics in the Punch Group. A large range of projects are developed here. From mass production product to Formula 1 and Formula E components. All types of technologies are used here. In addition, this year our site is now equipped with a pilot production line fully representative of the series equipment of the largest factories.

Activity and Easy Access

Our brand new facilities are located in the heart of Brézet business park in Clermont-Ferrand, a perfectly served area that allows employees to get to work by public transport, scooter or bicycle. On the other hand, the company is perfectly located 1 minute from the highway.

Entertainment Activities

Regularly, recreational activities between colleagues are organized in order to promote cohesion and exhanges. In particular, it is an opportunity for new hires to integrate more quickly and get to know their new colleagues while sharing a sporting and/or entertaining moment.

  • Entertainment Activities

    Recreational activities are organized almost twice a year both for employees and for their families (outdoor activities, board games, end-of-year meals, etc.). In addition, activities with colleagues are regularly offered: running group on Thursday noon, going to the swimming pool, introduction to bowling or mountain biking...

    It is an opportunity for employees to meet each other and thus promote exchanges and communication. For example, the Roc d'Azur mountain bike race was an opportunity for 8 of our employees to spend a sporty and friendly time while strengthening their team spirit in a another context than professional.

Easy Access to the Site

Our Punch Powertrain site in Clermont-Ferrand is easily accessible for its employees and ideally located in France. Thanks to the proximity of the highway, railway station and airport at 5 minutes you can easily reach the site.

Furthermore, this site is an interesting base in France to discover other places. There is easy access to the town center and the well-known “Place de Jaude” is at 10 minutes either by car, bike or bus. You can also reach the mountains in 40 minutes for a walk or skiing in the winter and after a 3,5-hour drive you will arrive in Paris, Geneva or at the Mediterranean Sea.

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