• Nanjing, P.R. China

    In Nanjing, we house the headquarters of Punch Powertrain's Asia Pacific region. Established in 2008, this location serves as the hub for Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), with the factory producing over 3.5 million CVT units. In recent years, the facility has expanded its focus to include Electric Vehicle (EV) products, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for developing and testing prototypes of new CVT and EV products. In 2020, a fully equipped test track was inaugurated, enabling the company to conduct a comprehensive range of evaluation and validation tests. For its operational and production needs, the Nanjing Plant boasts 5 CVT product lines and one EV reducer product line.

    There are over 400 employees in Nanjing. These employees work in one of the three departments: Research & Development; Operations or Corporate Services.

Career development support

We prioritize the career development of our employees and actively encourage and support them in their professional growth. Upon joining our team, almost every new employee is assigned a personal mentor who is trained and certified. These mentors provide an on-the-job training (OJT) plan for new employees following initial communication. Additionally, employees have access to various development channels tailored to their individual skills and needs.

Employee restaurant

We take away some of the daily worries and provide daily prepared fresh and healthy meals. Our canteen is fully managed in house with full time staff, which allows us to guarantee much appreciated quality at cost price.

Shuttle bus service

We provide our employees with shuttle buses from the factory to nearby subway stations, enabling them to easily reach their homes by public transport or car from these subway stations.

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