Passion & Fun @ Work

Our purpose

Punch Powertrain has a reputation for innovation leadership because we offer world-class experts combined with state-of-the-art development, testing and production facilities in locations worldwide.

We drive a global mindset

We have a global mindset wherever we serve our customers. We act as one collaborative team worldwide. We share and apply our expertise, capacities and best practices for the benefit of all.

Each of us in an example for others

We are role models for each other to ensure global consistency in our quality and service. We’re always open to feedback and committed to continuous improvement.

We keep it simple to speed up

We speed things up by keeping it simple. We’re flexible, responsive and always bring a can-do attitude. We think in terms of solutions, always anticipating needs and next steps.

We deliver what we promise

We deliver what we promise and take ownership for being accountable. We’re dedicated to agreed actions until their successful and timely completion.

We can count on each other

We count on each other, united in our resolve to succeed. We’re always an extension of our customers’ teams, transparently supportive and constructive.

We collaborate with our clients and our suppliers

We collaborate with customers, suppliers and each other to focus on what adds value. We’re geared to proactively involve the right people in decisions and actions, for the benefit for all.

We celebrate small and big successes together!

We are passionate about what we do and love to celebrate our successes, big or small. We’re committed to being our authentic selves and appreciating each other’s contributions.

Can do mindset

Our employees have a single clear goal in mind: thinking together with the customer in order to jointly deliver the best transmission or powertrain. Within Punch Powertrain a culture dominates where an “Open-Minded, Can Do” attitude is appreciated and encouraged.

  • Personal & Professional Growth

    At Punch Powertrain we are aware that employees are the largest capital of the company. Punch Powertrain focuses on the creation of a learning climate and culture through a strategic Volunteer Time Off policy. Thanks to learning trajectories, a training catalog and ad hoc training requests, we invest in the talent and competence development of our employees.

    In addition, we want to continue to focus primarily on employee involvement in the realization of our business objectives. We aim for open and honest communication, clear and transparent feedback on performance, expectations and behavior, and finally we ensure that employees are involved in their own development on a daily basis. In this way we guarantee a safe and healthy working environment.

Global community

Punch Powertrain is committed to bringing together the best talents from different cultures and continents. New transmission and powertrain technologies and concepts are constantly emerging from the cross-fertilization between the R&D departments in Sint-Truiden (Belgium), Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Flechtorf & Munich (Germany), Clermont-Ferrand (France) and Nanjing (China).

Together, we can achieve more.

We aim at taking away the daily worries of our coworkers in both professional and personal environment. Our support departments are highly responsive and helpful in supporting our colleagues on topics, which are outside their field of expertise (HR, IT, training, facilities, ….) This allows everyone to highly focus on their field of passion and further develop their expertise. In addition, we create a healthy work life balance, by providing a canteen, flexible hours and other advantages at some locations (like ironing service or fitness).

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