• Corporate Services: who are we?

    The Corporate Services department consists of various sub departments and teams, that enable the organization to achieve its strategic business goals and to respond and adapt to internal and external challenges.

    This support is provided by various subdepartments and teams: Finance, Legal, Sales-Marketing, IT, Project Management Office, Product Management, Quality, Purchasing, Health-Safety-Environment, Facility, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Protoshop, Canteen and HR


The Finance department assists the organization in achieving its financial objectives. It ensures compliant recording of the company’s financial administration and provides advice to the various sub departments on financial issues.


The Legal department is responsible for providing legal support to the organization and advising our sites on legal issues, with the aim of avoiding legal inconsistencies and risks. In addition, the Legal department is the point of contact for all legal issues that can arise in an organization.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing operate as one commercial team, focusing on 3 main tasks: gaining insights in the market and proposing the company’s strategic course; building a brand image through consistent communication and building meaningful, sustainable relationships with customers, leading to long term contracts. 


The IT department provides the hardware and software infrastructure that supports the organization and the process progress within Punch Powertrain. It also provides a reliable and stable IT environment and act as a help desk to assist employees with IT problems.


The Project Management Office is responsible for developing, disseminating and maintaining project management in all its facets. The mission of the PMO is to define a clear project management strategy, to steer projects in the right direction and finally to create a successful project management environment within Punch Powertrain.

Product Management

The Product Management department coordinates the management of the entire life cycle of our products within Punch Powertrain and deals with the planning, forecasting and production of products. In addition, there is also a strong commitment to product innovation and optimization. The roles in the department are mainly Release Coordinator and SAP administrator. They manage and coordinate the processes and tools that are used globally to manage the products.

Quality Systems

The Quality Systems team aims to promote the quality culture throughout the company and is responsible for monitoring the quality management system, so that it is in accordance with specific customer requirements, as well as with applicable international and legal standards. This includes managing the global process landscape by releasing quality documents to coordinating and supervising internal and external quality audits.


The Purchasing department deals with all purchasing activities of Punch Powertrain. This involves the process of purchasing goods, products or services at the right conditions, a good price and this as efficiently and effectively as possible to achieve the goals of the organization.


The HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) department, together with the entire organization, ensures the creation of a policy and culture where employees can work together healthily, safely and with appreciation for the environment. This means that the HSE department directs the transformation to make workplaces safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly. We also help to improve performance, further develop employee skills and limit risks.


The Facility department is responsible for the management of the Punch Powertrain infrastructure and installations. This includes, among other things, facility, security, maintenance and renovations. In addition, they maintain their contacts with external suppliers and coordinate constructions works on the Punch Powertrain site.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain is about assuring availability of the right amount of materials in the total value chain (from raw materials - up to finished products). This entails planning and guiding the material flow throughout the various steps (sales & operations planning, production planning, material procurement, goods receipt, storage, production, shipment to customer) and assuring a good information flow between all stakeholders at optimal cost levels.


The Warehousing department takes care of the entire flow of goods within the company. They ensure that all materials are properly received and stored. Afterwards, they supply the production lines according to the FIFO principle (First In First Out). Moreover, they also ensure that a correct inventory is available within the company at all times. To keep everything tidy, the 5S principle lives strongly within this department.


The Protoshop Manufacturing is a specialized mechanical department, responsible for the fast and flexible manufacture of complex proto and mechanical components for our newly developed transmissions. This is carried out on a flexible, high-tech CNC machine park, controlled via CadCam programming software and the proto components are evaluated using specific measurement techniques. The lessons learned that they collect during this process are reported to R&D and serve as input to improve the design and manufacturability of the serial product.


Our canteen takes away the daily worries of employees and provides freshly prepared and healthy meals. Every workday employees can enjoy sandwiches, soup, a salad bar and a hot meal. Our canteen is managed entirely in-house, which means that a valued quality can be guaranteed at a low cost.


The HR department promotes the interests of all people working within Punch Powertrain through a strategic and sustainable personnel policy. Because employees are the largest capital of the organization, the HR department is strongly committed to the personal and professional development of our employees.

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